• Student Fee (SF)

    The annual Student Fee (SF) of $50 is applicable for all (programme, credit, and audit) students. It is payable from July 1st every academic year.

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  • Educational Resource Fee (ERF)

    If you are a programme or credit student, you are required to subscribe annually to BGST’s educational resources at $150, payable from July 1st every academic year.

    The ERF allows you access to:
    a) Digital Theological Library (DTL) – access to 600K digital books, 60 million articles
    b) Overdrive Digital Resource (ODR) – access to around 600 e-books and a few audiobooks

    c) Print Library at BGST (VLib)

    For new students signing up for their course(s) in Semester 2, the ERF is payable at $75 for that remaining part of the year. Thereafter, ERF will be payable per annum.

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  • Print Library Fee (PLF)

    This physical library access fee of $50 per annum, is only for audit-students, BGST alumni, and patrons, who wish to access to the range of physical library books collection at BGST.

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  • Late Charge Fee (LCF)

    Any credit course or audit course student who submit their registration after the closing date for course registration, will be required to pay an administrative LCF of $50.

    Please refer to the course synopsis of each course for the registration closing dates.

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  • Course Reinstatement Fee (CRF)

    The Course Reinstatement Fee is the difference in fees between a course taken for audit and a course taken for credit, at the time of application for course reinstatement. For example, the fee for a 3-credit course is $450 taken for Credit and $240 taken for Audit. In this case, the CRF is $210. For a 1.5-credit course, the CRF is $105. The Credit and Audit fees reflected here are applicable only for AY2022, and are subject to changes in the future.

    A student who wishes to be re-admitted into a core course for the sole purpose of submitting their coursework or assignments for grading can apply for course reinstatement. It is applicable only for students who have previously taken a core course on credit which remains un-graded due to non- or incomplete submission of course assignments by the respective assignment deadline(s) given.

    Under the course reinstatement, you are only allowed to do the tests previously not done and/or submit assignments previously not handed in for grading. Please note that the maximum grade for any course that has been reinstated is B+.

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  • Graduation Fee (GF)

    A one-time Graduation Fee of $150 is applicable to Diploma and Master graduands only. This fee covers costs for academic transcripts and related documents, graduation gown rental and administrative charges. The Graduation Fee for Certificate graduands is $50.

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The following fees apply to you,

on top of the course / programme fees, if you are:

Course Fees

The course fees for audit and credit courses are as follows:

Programme Fees

The fees for BGST’s certificate, diploma and master programmes are

BGST alumni members can enjoy a 10% discount off credit course fees. 

For course details, please visit our Courses Page 

For programme details, please visit our Programmes Page 

Administrative charges for refunds for student requests shall be borne by students.

For any fee clarification matters, please send us an email at