Course Description

This course aims to help students answer some key questions: 1. What is God doing in the world? 2. How do we, as the people of God, fit into His plan, and how does our daily work matter to the Kingdom? 3. How am I to steward all of who I am, and how can I live it out practically in every area of my life?

Through lectures and interviews, small group interaction and personal reflection, this course will help the participant better understand the context of God’s design for us, the Bible’s teaching on work and vocation, so that they can learn to see seamlessly between daily work and the other areas of their lives.

  • Location

    Online via Zoom

  • Dates

    Jul: 13, 20, 27
    Aug: 3, 10, 17

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Mr Michael Low Chin Yeow

Associate Lecturer

Michael started his professional life as a litigation lawyer, after he graduated from the National University of Singapore. He then moved on to international private banking, where he spent over 10 years working with high net worth clients to design, implement and manage their estate planning, succession and wealth preservation structures. His last role in the private banking industry was as the Asia Head of Fiduciary Services for a boutique Swiss private bank. After completing his theological studies at Regent College, Vancouver, with an MA in Theological Studies (with a particular focus on Marketplace Theology), Michael now serves as the Advancement Consultant for reSource Leadership International, a Christian not-for-profit whose mission is to train and equip church leaders in the majority world. He is also exploring ways to re-connect with the marketplace, where his passion lies.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • MM101-SPL Vocation, Work & Ministry

    • Book reviews - John Stackhouse

    • Course synopsis

    • Digital Theological Library

    • BGST Overdrive

    • BGST Library - VLIB

  • 2

    An Introduction to Vocation, Work and Our Story

    • cont.

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Lecture 1 Pt I

    • Lecture 1 Pt II

    • Lecture 1 Pt III

  • 3

    Seeing, Knowing and the Kingdom of God

    • cont.

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Lecture 2

  • 4

    Responsible and responsive work

    • cont.

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Lecture 3

  • 5

    Reclaiming Vocation – God’s design for our work

    • cont.

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Paper : Does God care about deck railing

    • Furniture for for the kingdom

    • Before you I kneel - A Workman's Prayer

    • Lecture 4

  • 6

    Vocation, Mission and the church

    • cont.

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Background to Uppsala 1968

    • Lecture 5

  • 7

    A Rhythm of Work and the Sabbath

    • cont.

    • Work play and the sabbath

    • 3 reasons to practice Sabbath rest

    • Rest and work

    • Making time off predictable - and required - BCG study

    • Lecture notes

    • Lecture slides

    • Lecture 6

  • 8

    Assignment submission


    • General formatting

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 1)

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 2)

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 3)

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 4)

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 5)

    • Assignment submission: Reading Logs (Week 6)

    • Assignment submission: Major book review (50%)