Course Description

NT Foundations I & II survey the entire contents of the NT. The student will be drawn into the world of the NT and encouraged to interact with the themes and messages contained within each piece of writing in the NT. In so doing, students can better examine the implications of the NT’s message for Christians and for the Church today. NT Foundations I & II will be taught using a two-volume introduction to the New Testament entitled Exploring the New Testament, jointly published by IVP and SPCK. This course, NT Foundations I (NT101), is a general introduction to the Four Gospels and Acts.

Students can expect a survey of major interpretive approaches, as well as a consideration of historical and cultural issues. These include the Synoptic Problem and the literary relationship of the Gospels; the problem of the historical Jesus; the genre, historical setting, message, and structure of each of the Gospels and Acts.

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    Online via Zoom

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    Sep: 2, 16, 30
    Oct: 14, 28
    Nov: 11, 25

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Mr Quek Tze-Ming

Lecturer in New Testament

Mr Quek Tze Ming is the Lecturer in New Testament at BGST. After leaving legal practice, Tze Ming served in student ministry with the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (Singapore). He then commenced theological studies, receiving a DipCS from BGST, an MDiv and a ThM from Regent College. He is presently a PhD candidate in New Testament Studies at the University of Cambridge. His special area of studies is in the use of the Old Testament in the New. Tze Ming serves in the teaching ministry of his church. He is married to Sharon, and they have two daughters. He maintains a lively interest in local food, football, and movies.

Course Curriculum

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  • 2

    Session 1 (course intro)

    • Lecture 1: Course Introduction

    • Zoom Recording for session 1

  • 3

    Session 2

    • cont.

    • Lecture 2: The Historical Context of Jesus & the New Testament

    • Lecture 3: Judaism in First-Century Palestine: History, Society, Politics

  • 4

    Session 3

    • cont.

    • Lecture 4: Judaism in First-Century Palestine: Story, Identity, Religion

  • 5

    Session 4

    • cont.

    • Lecture 5: What are the Gospels? Where did the Gospels come from?

    • Tutorial resources

  • 6

    Session 5

    • cont.

    • Lecture 6: The Quest for the Historical Jesus; The Life of Jesus in the Light of History

    • Lecture 7: The teaching and aims of Jesus

    • cont.

  • 7

    Session 6

    • cont.

    • Lecture 8: The Gospel of Mark.

    • Lecture 9: The Gospel of Matthew

    • Lecture 10: The Gospel of Luke

    • Tutorial resources

    • cont.

  • 8

    Session 7

    • cont.

    • Lecture 11: The Gospel of John

    • Lecture 12: The Acts of the Apostles

    • Lectio Divina-Eat the Book

    • Moral Vision of the New Testament

    • Course Evaluation Form

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    Assignments Submission

    • Assignment deadline

    • Guidelines and formatting

    • 5 Reading Reports

    • Book Review

    • Essay