Course Description

As an introductory course, the overall goal of the course is to help students along on their journey to become more competent biblical interpreters for the twin purposes of (1) personal spiritual formation and (2) greater effectiveness of service to the Church and the world.

To this end, the course has the following objectives:
1. To introduce students to some key spiritual, pastoral, and intellectual issues in the interpretation and application of biblical texts.
2. To supply students with a simple, user-friendly framework for interpreting and applying any biblical text.
3. To train students in the basic skills necessary for the close reading of biblical texts.
4. To familiarise students with the main types of text (“genres”) found in the Bible, and their different interpretative rules.
5. To provide students hands-on practice in the handling different biblical texts.

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    Aug: 13, 27
    Sep: 17
    Oct: 1, 15, 29
    Nov: 12, 26

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Mr Leow Wen Pin

Lecturer in Biblical and Integrative Studies

Wen Pin is the Lecturer in Biblical and Integrative Studies. He also directs the Centre for Disability Ministry in Asia. His research interests include biblical interpretation and disability ministry/theology, Hebrew poetry and homiletics. He has published several research and popular works in these areas and has developed Hebrew for Busy People, a web application for helping the Church learn Biblical Hebrew. Being especially concerned about the inclusion of people with disabilities, Wen Pin founded the Koinonia Inclusion Network (KIN) which promotes inclusion in churches. Wen Pin graduated with distinction from the University of Oxford (MSt, New Testament), University of Aberdeen (MTh, Old Testament), and Singapore Bible College (MDiv, Biblical Studies). Wen Pin worships at Singapore Life Church. He is married to Xinyi, a clinician-scientist and they have three children. Find out more about Wen Pin here.

Course curriculum

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    Course Specific Matters

    • HE101 Course Synopsis

    • Exegetical Exercises Booklet

    • Bible Project YouTube Playlist

  • 3

    Assignment Submission

    • Announcement: Assignment Templates & Submission

    • Integrative Assignment - Due 13 Jan 2023

    • Reading Assignment - Due 10 Dec 2022

  • 4

    Session 1 - Introduction

    • Announcement: Welcome to Session 1

    • Session 1 Slides (Post Class Version)

  • 5

    Session 2 - Bible Translation & Historical Context

    • Session 2 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 2 Handout (Download for Use in Class)

  • 6

    Session 3 - Literary Context, Structuring a Text, & Word Study

    • Session 3 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 3 Class Video

  • 7

    Session 4 - The Holy Spirit, Application, & Intro to Genre Analysis

    • Session 4 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 4 Class Video

  • 8

    Session 5 - Tutorial on NT Letters & Introduction to the Gospels

    • Session 5 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 5 Class Video

  • 9

    Session 6 - Tutorial on Gospels & Introduction to OT Law

    • Session 6 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 6 Class Video

  • 10

    Session 7 - Tutorial on OT Law & Introduction to OT Wisdom

    • Session 7 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 7 Class Video

  • 11

    Session 8 - Tutorial on OT Wisdom & Introduction to Apocalyptic

    • Session 8 Slides (Post Class Version)

    • Session 8 Class Video