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The 400 years between Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament to the birth of Christ is often thought to be a period of divine silence. Yet, this is the period of Second Temple Judaism, which is not only significant for the development of Judaism and Jewish identity but also a time when Jewish literature and the Hebrew canon took shape.

This course will provide a broad overview of this historically rich era and how it informs our understanding and interpretation of the Old and New Testaments.

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Ms Jasmine Foo

Associate Lecturer

Ms Jasmine Foo is a former BGST student, an MA graduate and PhD candidate with King’s College London. Her biblical studies research is focused on the concept of Jewish identity during the 2nd Temple Period as depicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Previously a lawyer, polytechnic lecturer, and strategic planner at the State Courts, Jasmine also worked as a staff worker at the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES). She worships at All Soul’s Church, Langham (London) and Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (Singapore). Jasmine’s varied experiences has helped developed her passion for learning and teaching the Bible, and also equipping all Christians in the practice of their faith in society.

Course Curriculum

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  • 2

    Topic 1: End of "Exile" and Impact of Imperial Rule on Jewish Identity

    • Course Introduction History or Historiography

    • Lesson 01

    • Session 1.1

    • Session 1.2

  • 3

    Topic 2: Temple/Torah/Mystery - Does God Still Speak?

    • Temple/Torah/Mystery – Does God Still Speak?

    • Session 2.1

  • 4

    Topic 3: Outside the "Bible"

    • Outside the ‘Bible’

    • Outside the "Bible"

  • 5

    Topic 4: Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    • Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    • Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

  • 6

    Topic 5: Messianism & Apocalyptism - What were the Jews Hoping For?

    • Messianism & Apocalyptism – What were the Jews hoping for?

    • Judaism and their Messiahs

  • 7

    Topic 6: Connecting the Dots + Group Presentation

    • Connecting the Dots

    • Session 6

  • 8


    • Course Evaluation

  • 9

    Assignment Submissions

    • Reflection 1

    • Reflection 2

    • Reflection 3

    • Essay