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Throughout Scripture, believers are called to discern the times. This involves understanding global movements, and how they have shaped worldviews within and beyond the church. From the late twentieth century, three movements have fundamentally shaped contemporary culture – postmodernism, feminism, social justice.

In this course, we examine the historical emergence of these movements and influential concepts such as post-truth, intersectionality, gender performativity alongside some of the key tensions that have emerged such as gender versus sexuality, equity versus equality, rights versus virtues based approaches to justice, among others.

In particular, we discuss how Christian scholars have critiqued as well as engaged with postmodern, feminist and social justice concepts. We consider how Christians can respond when these concepts conflict with Christian values and the opportunities these concepts may have in informing biblical interpretation, the role of women in the church, and the church’s role in effecting transformative changes in the world.


Dr Suzanne Choo

Associate lecturer

Dr Suzanne Choo is an Associate Professor at the National Institute of Education, NTU. She completed her PhD at Columbia University, USA. She teaches and researchers on topics related to critical theory, ethics, cosmopolitanism and globalization, critical methods of interpretation especially Ethical Criticism. Her research has been published in internationally reputable journals including Harvard Education Review, Critical Studies in Education, Reading Research Quarterly among others. Her book Reading the World, the Globe, and the Cosmos: Approaches to Teaching Literature for the 21st Century was awarded the 2014 Critics Choice Book Award by the American Educational Studies Association.

Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong

Associate Lecturer

Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong teaches New Testament Studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM). He had served as the founding Dean of STM-KL Centre and the Director of Postgraduate Studies. His major publications include The Sufferings of Christ are Abundant in Us (T&T Clark, 2009), Jesus the Storyteller (Armour, 2015), Metaphors and Social Identity Formation in Paul’s Letters to the Corinthians (Pickwick, 2017), Following Jesus: An Illustrated Guide to the Places of the Holy Land According to the Gospel of Mark (Armour, 2019), and numerous academic essays. Kar Yong is also an Anglican priest with the Diocese of West Malaysia.
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    Sep: 6, 13, 20, 27
    Oct: 4, 11

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    Sep 1, 2023

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