Programme Description

The Diploma in Theological Studies (DipTS) is a joint programme offered by BGST and Trinity Theological College (TTC).

The DipTS is designed primarily to help lay Christians who desire foundational but also high-quality theological education for either their own development or in preparation for serving as lay leaders in the Church. It can also be taken by those who desire to be involved in Christian ministries but are not intending to or yet to seek ordination.

Students can register for this programme at either BGST or TTC. Courses offered at TTC are conducted mainly in the day, while courses offered at BGST are offered in the evenings or in online study formats providing flexibility and accessibility to the students.

DipTS credits are recognised and transferable to more advanced theological programmes at either BGST or TTC.

DipTS is right for you if:

  • You want a comprehensive foundational programme to increase your knowledge of the Christian faith

  • You are finding ways to reflect theologically, grow spiritually and integrate your faith with areas of work and living

  • You are or will be serving as a lay leader in your church or in other ministries

For a full list of courses in the DipTS

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Programme Information

  • Duration

    1.5 years (Full-time)

    5 years (Part-time)

  • Fee

    DipTS Full Programme Fee: S$5,550

    3 Credit Course Fee:
    S$450 (Credit)
    S$240 (Audit)

    1.5 Credit Course Fee:
    S$225 (Credit)
    S$120 (Audit)

    *For CS102, as each student shall receive one-on-one mentoring from a Spiritual Director, the fee for this 1.5 Cr course is S$450

  • Credits Required


    33 Credits (Core)

    4 Credits (Elective)

Minimum Qualifications &
Admission Pre-requisites

  • Students can be admitted to the DipTS at either school. Both schools will share information regarding the students admitted. If a student, having been admitted by one school, but goes on to take the majority of the DipTS courses at the school other than the one at which they were admitted, their registration should be transferred to the other school.

  • English proficiency will be considered for international students : TOEFL Required Scores: • Paper-based = 550 points • Computer-based = 213 points • Internet-based = 78 points | IELTS Required Score: 6

  • Personal and spiritual aspects of the applicant will be considered.

Graduation Requirements

  • Submitted a completed Application for Graduation form to the Registrar’s Office by March 31st of the year they wish to graduate in.

  • Satisfactorily completed all requirements (37 Credits) for the programme by April 30th of the year they wish to graduate in.

  • Attained a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.8.

  • No outstanding payments to BGST.